Professional & Caring Dog Grooming

Come & PET It! is trusted by thousands of local pet owners just like yourself.

Our Dog Grooming Services

    Full Grooming

    Simply tell us how you would like your dog's hair to be cut, and we will take it from there! In just a few hours your best friend will look like new and be feeling confident again.

    Deluxe Bath

    Does your dog not need a haircut, but can still get a bit smelly and dirty? Let us transform your pet into a furry ball of fresh and clean with our delux bath service. Includes a nail trim as well. 


    A shedding dog sure can make a mess in your home and vehicle. With regular sessions, our thorough deshedding process can help reduce unwanted pet hair in your home.

    Nail Trims & Filing

    Keeping your dog's nails short is a highly important that shouldn't be overlooked. If left uncut, long nails can cause foot deformities and be extremely painful for your pet. We can also file the nails to remove any rough edges.

    Self Wash

    Feel like speding some quality bonding time with your pet. Our spacious self wash tubs give you the perfect place to do it while having a fun time. We provide everything you need to get your dog squeeky clean!

    Cats - Nail Trims Only

    Those sharp claws sure can hurt. Anyone who has had a cat jump on them without warning sure knows this. A little blood may even be shed. But we can help! We offer nail clipping for cats as a walk-in service or by appointment.

Experienced & Trustworthy

Let's be honest. There are a lot of groomers out there. But how many of them actually have the skills to do the job well? We have vast experience in grooming all types of dog breeds and put our heart and soul into each one we groom.

  • Professionally trained

  • Use of high quality grooming products

  • Kind, patient, and compassionate toward all pets 

  • Fair pricing

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Caring & Dedicated

We take great pride in the work we do here at Come & PET It! Our main goal is to leave the shop each day knowing that we went the extra mile for our clients and their furry, best friends. That is how it has been from the start over 7 years ago, and that is how it will always be. We love our clients and want them to be happy with the services we provide.